1. BVM is struggling in Bavaria: the season is with many surprises 2

1. BVM is struggling in Bavaria: the season is with many surprises

Currently 1. BV Mülheim's team is seventh on the table. Weekend ladies and men of Team 1 will be in Bavaria. On Saturday, November 9, you will meet runner-up TSV Freystatt, who is currently ranked 8th with one point less on the table.

TSV Freystadt is set to start baking smaller buns early in the season. Best Actress Kristin Kuuba continues to play for TSV. The Estonian national team and most successful Bundesliga player of the season, Kristin Kuuba, has remained loyal to the club. England's Fee Teng Liew has already made the leap into the top 100 in the world rankings. This is coming this season from Austrian Serena Au Yeong. The Bundesliga team with Stefanie Spies and Tania Jötten with two local adults are the ladies assistant.

In the men's area, Austrian Leon Seiwald, number 176 in the singles rankings, belongs to the team. Team captain Florian Waffler, player coach Oliver Roth, Indonesian top player Fikri Hadmadi as well as Englishman Max Flynn, Hannes Gerberich and Andreas Pistorius. National team player Johannes Pistorius is available to the team after a long break. Former Danish player Rasmus Bonde (World Ranking: Top 23) has been working at Nuremberg for half a year, playing in the other league in Denmark last season and came to the management of the club, wanting to play for Freystadt.

Both 1st BV Mülheim and TSV Freystatt remain concerned about hopes and despair in the play-offs. On Sunday, November 10, it will be even deeper in the south. TSV Neuhausen-Nymphenburg starts in its third Erstligasaison and is currently the tail light in the six-point table. But TSV Neuhausen-Nymphenburg is confidently approaching its appearance in the first Bundesliga. For viewers, lots of new additions are interesting. In addition to Krasimir Yankov (Bulgaria) and Przemyslaw Szydolwski (Poland), the team of Neuhausener is joined by two Austrian Olympians Elisabeth Baldauf and David Obernosterer. Neuhausen did better than last season and provided one or the other surprise.

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