# 1 PTSD Treatment Provides Effective Relief In Minutes! 2

# 1 PTSD Treatment Provides Effective Relief In Minutes!

Watch Kundalini Yoga Meditation PTSD treatment videos for anger, insomnia, anxiety, paralyzing thoughts, depression, dissociative symptoms, relationship problems and other symptoms common to PTSD.

Join David Shannahoff-Khalsa, director of the Body Dynamics Research Group, BioCircuits Institute, University of California, San Diego, in these cutting-edge and highly effective new Kundalini Yoga PTSD videos.

The PTSD video series is based on years of yogic technology combined with David's clinical trials and medical research, which has resulted in safe, proven, non-addictive PTSD-specific treatment that has no drug-related side effects. The whole series can be practiced while sitting in a chair and includes hand and arm postures, breathing patterns and chants that activate different parts of the brain to help immediately correct the symptoms and long-term adjustments that are needed.

For 24 hours of PTSD treatment, get instant online access to proven treatments for daily stress management, mental clarity, mental stability and emotional balance for just $ 99. That's less than $ 1!
• Taught in 6-hour continuing medical education courses for annual meetings of the American Psychiatric Association
• No side effects or risk of addiction
• Safe for adults, adolescents and children
• Fast acting and long lasting solution over time
• Fun and engaging
• An effective solution
• As published in Kundalini Yoga Meditation: Techniques Specific to Psychiatric Disorders, Couples Therapy and Personal Growth, WW Norton & Co. (2006) and also in Sacral Therapies: The Kundalini Mental Health Treatment Iodine Guide, WW Norton & Co. (2012)

What's included in the video:
• Unlimited 24 hours access to PTSD treatment
• 1 video / 2 hours and 10 minutes: includes introduction and a detailed explanation of how to do each of the 8 techniques, along with the practice of the entire protocol followed by a relaxation period, and finally a FAQ section (frequently asked questions) ).
• Easy to practice almost anywhere
• Get started today!

Disclaimer: These video protocols have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other agency. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health problem or condition, please consult your doctor. These are formulas derived from ancient yogis and David Shanahoff-Khalsa.

Disorder-specific multipart protocols in these videos are covered by Copyright ©. Reproduction in any form whatsoever without the direct written permission of David Schanahoff-Halsa