Care for an inner lip tattoo 2

Care for an inner lip tattoo

Inner lip tattoos are the most difficult to maintain because of their excessive moisture and tendency to fade. Forty percent of inner lip tattoos are completely faded due to improper care, some even within the first few days. With proper care, you can keep an inner lip tattoo clean and faded.

Care for an inner lip tattoo 3

Certification: Marco_Piunti / iStock / GettyImages How to take care of an inner lip tattoo


Ask your artist about what they suggest you use for later care. It will probably tell you to keep it as dry as possible for the next four to five days while the tattoo is healing.

You can fold a piece of napkin to fit inside your lip. This will not rub your lip on the teeth and the tattoo will remain drier.

You should not wash your tattoo with antimicrobial soaps or lotions. After caring for an inner lip tattoo is different from other tattoos. If anything, you can put a small amount of vitamin A & D ointment on the inside of your lip.

Leave it alone. The mouth heals faster than any other part of the body and heals better on its own.

You should focus on keeping the inside of your lip as dry as possible, but you can eat and drink without taking it out.

You might want to put napkins under your tongue and cheeks at night, where your salivary glands will get more saliva and keep your tattoo dry while you sleep.

On the third day, your tattoo has done most of its healing, so you can stop walking with a paper-filled mouth.

Fading is unavoidable, but the better you take care of your tattoo, the less fading it will be. If your tattoo gets faded, you can go to the tattoo artist and retouch it for free. Treat yourself to retouching 2-3 weeks before swelling and bruising.


  • When asked if you should get a tattoo on your inner lip:

    Research! Make sure your salon uses surgical sterile needles and other safe and clean practices.

    Find a tattoo artist who has experience with interior lip tattoos. Ask him / her if they have ever done this before. Mouth tattooing is unlike other places, do not let an artist tempt you with it, especially if you are paying. Get an artist who has experience or your tattoo will look incredibly confusing.