"Cruel, Stupid, and Incapable": A New Book on Donald Trump with Serious Charges 2

"Cruel, Stupid, and Incapable": A New Book on Donald Trump with Serious Charges

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A new book by an anonymous source restores known accusations against the US president. But who is behind this publication?

In the midst of the Emperor trial against Donald Trump, a new book makes headlines about the machinations of the US president and the White House government. It was written by an anonymous author who calls himself a "senior official" in the Trump administration.

It should be the same author who wrote an opinion article in the New York Times last September – also anonymously written *. He also did not spare criticism in this article, but assured a readership that still remains "the adults in the room" that will slow the president down.

The article was titled "I'm part of the resistance within the Trump government." But it didn't work. "I was wrong about the slight resistance to Trump," he writes in a new book called "Warning."

Donald Trump: Book describes US presidents as impulsive and incompetent

Trump is described there as an impulsive character, whose "repeated outbursts could no longer be suppressed." The current US president is as little interested in large sections of government as in the legal boundaries of the executive. Again and again Trump would exhaust legal restrictions to the last or simply ignore them in other cases. Although Trump is not fundamentally vicious but educated, he is unwilling to learn and occasionally obsessed with himself.

One anecdote the author believes he remembers is this: At an unnamed moment, a large group of senior White House officials would gather to consider a joint, closed resignation. Why this did not happen, the author is silent. According to several US media outlets, including the Washington Post, he or she does not provide evidence for those statements.

Donald Trump to Jared Kushner: "You have no idea"

Other stories describe Trump's attitude toward his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The US president is said to have fought Ivanka Trump's husband in the presence of others. "Jared, you have no idea what you're talking about. You really don't know," Trump told Kushner.

Unlike other previously published books on the Trump presidency, which also refer to White House sources, such as Bob Woodward's "Anxiety," this is, according to the New York Times, a piece that, though partially authentic, delivers , but sometimes they misrepresent episodes.

Donald Trump discredits John McCain

The motivation for writing the book was developed by a stranger when Trump publicly discredited John McCain after his death. "This situation, when (the president) attacked the veteran, was a drop that overflowed the barrel. What does that behavior say about the president?"

The book’s conclusion is a devastating testimony to Trump: his administration is the most vehement and most functional one that has ever drawn the White House. Trump is acting like "a 12-year-old in an air traffic control tower, who frantically pushes buttons, and you don't mind planes that want to land and get started."

Donald Trump: Disrespect for Women

The book also discusses Trump’s treatment of women. "She talks about her makeup. She jokes about her weight. She criticizes her clothes. She uses words like" candy "and" sweetie "when talking to government officials," the author writes.

A Trump spokeswoman immediately tried to present the contents of the book as mere fiction, written and published by a "coward." According to the New York Times, several presidential advisers have recommended that the book be ignored because it will upset him too much. So far, it has worked.

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