Curious intruder leaves many questions open - homeowners and "thief" frozen in shock 2

Curious intruder leaves many questions open – homeowners and "thief" frozen in shock

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Residents of a row house in Geretsried were woken by noise. When she was looking for a cause, she suddenly confronted an unknown woman.

  • The women were awakened by the sounds.
  • She suddenly meets an odd woman in the hallway.
  • Police are releasing details of the unknown.

Geretsried – That's the one Nightmare many: It's still dark, suddenly a strange noise is penetrating the apartment or house. Does anyone break in? Similarly, there should have been a woman in Bavaria. A resident of a middle-class home in Geretsried, Bavaria, woke up early in the morning. The noise and light in the house excited the 75-year-old. homeowner he got up to get to the bottom of unknown sounds. But what she had discovered in her hall at the time, the woman probably did not expect.

Geretsried: The resident wakes up – suddenly he meets an odd woman in his house

The 75-year-old entered the hall to see where the sounds came from. But then a shocking moment: Suddenly, a resident of one page woman more. She didn't expect that. According to police, the stranger froze fear.

The homeowner responded immediately. With vigorous words, she asks for the strange woman to leave the house immediately. One thing is for sure: without a word, the woman did just that and left the house.

As it turned out, the woman was inside side room stayed in the basement of the house. But the unknown intruder not only used the entertainment room to sleep soundly, he also used it beverages the homeowner. The incident is reminiscent of burglars in Bamberg celebrating a party in a garden shed.

Strange woman sleeping in house in basement for parties – police release description of stranger

What was the woman doing in the basement of the house? Or in other words, why did she sleep there? The question also arises of how the unknown can gain access. Police, meanwhile, have released the first details of the woman's appearance. Therefore, she was a woman between the ages of 40 and 50. In addition, she is described as slender, about 1.70 meters high. Her hair is described as hydrogen-blonde, while her face is narrow, "pretty pale". According to police, the stranger wore all-black clothing, a longer black knee-length coat and black pants.

A similar case sparked a police intervention in Thuringia, which, however, ran smoothly – and because the burglar tasted the alcohol he found.