Depart? Stay away from these dangerous anti-aging methods 2

Depart? Stay away from these dangerous anti-aging methods

Who wants to have his wrinkles removed has some methods of choice. But apart from anti-aging pills, lasers and classic Botox are also suspicious dangers for you.

New technologies have made it easier for us give it up get. Every year, the Germans even spend millions of euros not to be watched at their age. They use creams, scrubs and can inject or act to smooth out wrinkles. But what methods actually help? We have a review for you, also one that wrinkle treatments can be dangerous.

Removing Wrinkles: The most common procedures felt on the tooth

The desire for beauty and youth is more urgent today than ever before. So, there are countless ways to smooth out wrinkles. "Botox injection itself has become as normal as wearing bracelets," says Ada Borkenhagen, professor of medical psychology at the University of Leipzig. But what anti-wrinkle treatments are really effective? We have explored the big anti-aging issue.

1. Anti-aging creams

Advertising has been glorifying it for some time: hyaluronic acid. It is contained in many anti-aging creams because it creates an air-permeable and moisture-binding layer on the air. It makes her look nicer. It is similar to the "miracle" collagen used in Botox spraying. Even creams with Vitamin A, antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids make skin thinner, researchers say.

However, this is not a promise of all promise. Experts say creams can at best delay the aging process of the skin. But it also means I can’t do anything against existing wrinkles. According to Stiftung Warentest, even expensive creams cannot provide a long-term anti-aging effect. In addition, there are still no long-term studies to prove otherwise.

2. spraying

What previously only Hollywood celebrities knew was becoming more and more commonplace in the daily lives of "normal" people: get them sprayed. You get that "go" today. Botulinum toxin, or Botox in short, is the best known method. It is actually a toxin of Clostridium botulinum, which rebuilds the muscles in the face. It will smooth out the wrinkles.

The blockage lasts four to six months, then the wrinkle treatment needs to be renewed. Side effects are rare, red spots and bruises are most common. This is not dangerous, you just have to make sure you go to an experienced doctor, otherwise you can come with a dented eyelid from practice.

In addition to Botox, hyaluronic acid, collagen, pollactic acid and autologous ointment are used to treat wrinkles. They work, too – but only for a few months. But it's also important, because if it weren't so, it could be dangerous.

Also, these anti-wrinkle methods need to be taken seriously

In addition, there are some other anti-wrinkle treatments that go beyond the level of creams and syringes. A thorough consultation with a passing physician is required:

  • laser
  • chemical peels
  • facelifts

Even in the hands of experienced doctors, complications can arise, as with any medical procedure. Unlike in the past, the goal is no longer a full face without wrinkles. The natural look should be preserved.

Stay away: These anti-wrinkle methods hide the dangers

Most common anti-aging methods are not particularly dangerous. However, doctors warn of substances that cannot be redegraded by the body. These include permanent implants, so-called wrinkle fillers, especially silicones, acrylics and polyurethanes. They can slip, cause allergies, or form knots. Add to this the fact that the subcutaneous tissue loses fat over time – and wrinkle fillers do not adjust. This also looks ugly in the end.

Plus, you have to be careful with your face lift. The greatest risk is paralyzed muscles, sore wounds and permanent shivering on the face. Again, one must trust an experienced surgeon.

Cancel: Panacea does not exist

The only miracle cure for wrinkle removal does not exist. As most substances, anti-aging creams progress, they do not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin where wrinkles occur. After all, some, including hyaluronic acid, manage to make the face look smoother and denser at times.

But what helps? According to experts, above all, a healthy lifestyle that includes:

  • enough sleep
  • a little alcohol
  • a little stress
  • a lot of exercise
  • balanced diet

You will not get rid of wrinkles, but you can prevent new wrinkles. Also, get rid of cigarettes and excessive sunbathing. In the meantime, this anti-aging tip should also help. Of course, researchers go further: At only 17 years of age, immortality and anti-aging pills should be possible.

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