Diet of the future: Do implants in your skin help you lose weight soon? 2

Diet of the future: Do implants in your skin help you lose weight soon?

The belief that diet fits all is outdated today, and personalized eating plans are booming. In the future, weight loss will be further developed and made more effective by the individually adapted diet. According to the British futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye will soon be able to individually determine the right diet for each person through skin implants equipped with sensors.

Weight loss with skin implants: The diet of the future is personalized

Dr. Morgaine Gaye believes that in the future, skin implants can be programmed to decode human genetic background and medical history. Sensors should evaluate how much nutrients and vitamins each person needs per day. According to the scientist, in the future we will only consume what we really need – meals will be tailored to each individual for relevant minerals, vitamins and even bacteria.

"If each person can test their own DNA and microorganisms in the future, individual diets will be extremely specific and nuanced. It will be increasingly important that food be prepared for them," said Dr. Sc. Morgaine Gaye.

The diet of the future: Moderation and technology will exist

With sophisticated technologies, the futurist anticipates a return to a more conscious diet. This is Dr. Gaye ends her dinner in front of the TV and explains that the food will receive much higher social status in the future. The experience of cooking and eating together with family, friends and colleagues will once again come to the fore. Overall, dietary attention will play an increasingly important role. "At the same time, sophisticated technologies will be used, such as self-monitoring devices designed to improve health and help buy the right foods. Technology and humanity will exist, and every meal becomes a healthy experience and a particularly important moment," said Dr. Morgaine Gaye.

Conclusion: Why diet seems logical in the future

According to American nutritionist Kathleen Meehan, intuitive food is one of the most important nutrition trends of the year 2019. A new study from Zurich has again shown that intuitive foods can lose weight in the long run. Anyone who listens to his body and gives him only what he is good at should be able to prevent hunger attacks and bad yo-yo effects. However, eating attention does not come to the fore only through healthy weight loss. People are looking for a balance with digital – offline experiences like eating together are already an important trend. In addition, climate plays a role in conscious nutrition – today a balanced diet accompanies sustainability. Regional and seasonal foods and organic produce are becoming increasingly important. How does this technology fit inside? Intuitive eating has little regulation and only relies on a feeling that does not always lead to the right choice of food. Already today, individual nutrition plans can be created based on DNA tests. The fact that this trend is being further developed and specified using implant implants seems logical.