EKM invites menopausal women for an informative breakfast: heat wave breakfast 2

EKM invites menopausal women for an informative breakfast: heat wave breakfast

Hardly a woman in her "best years" is spared. At night, you wake up with sweat attacks. Menopause is nearing its end. And one wonders: How bad will it be, how long will it last? Some seek medical advice when the suffering becomes too great, others try to "break through" somehow. In the commemorative circle, the Mülheim Evangelical Hospital now wants to be informed about symptoms and possible help.

The "heat wave breakfast", as the event is aptly called, takes place on Sunday, November 24, from 9.30am to 2pm in the conference room on the tenth floor of EKM. "We want to appeal to women open-minded about this topic and would like to be informed about menopause," explains Dr. Med. Andrea Schmidt, Chief Physician at the Gynecological Clinic.

At the age of 45, the first symptoms, an average of 50, may appear, showing women that their body is on the path to menopause. While some may have no complaints, others complain not only of intense heat waves but also of sleep disorders or irritability. Also, increased bladder infections, suppression or vaginal infections can be attributed to hormonal changes. While doctors were more likely to advise hormone treatments, now it's a little more restrained.

Lectures and exercises

To give an overview to interested women, there will be several lectures during breakfast. For example, Ulrike Stifft, a non-medical practitioner of classical homeopathy and psychotherapy, studies the treatment of symptoms from her point of view. Andrea Schmidt is embarking on the usual medical options. In addition, visitors can expect a lecture on self-scanning breasts with Beate Menne breasts, which can also be practiced on a silicone model. And also the weakness of the pelvic floor and bladder is a problem of prevention before problems arise in old age. The morning will be further relaxed with relaxation exercises.

The number of participants is limited. "There is room for 50 women," explains Silke Sauerwein, head of communications. He'll moderate the breakfast. "We hope to have a lively discussion and exchange," says pleased Dr. Andrea Schmidt. If the response is good, the repetition is not off. Attendance costs nothing, breakfast is included. You can apply at Sandra Schaffrien, Tel. 0208 / 309-2501, or by email at sandra.schaffrien@evkmh.de


>> When menopause begins, it varies greatly from woman to woman, usually between the ages of 45 and 50. Complaints are also very individual in terms of violence. Menopause can vary in length. Three to five years are normal, but can take up to ten years. It is only when menstruation no longer appears for a year that the woman is menopausal.
>> Anyone who is seriously impaired should not be afraid to seek medical help. It may also be helpful to look for alternative contraceptives during menopause, as there is an increased risk, for example, of thrombosis in patients over 40 years of age with pills.