Greylag Goose: "Konrad Lorenz Goose" 2

Greylag Goose: "Konrad Lorenz Goose"

"Gray goose is very rare in Central Europe and is restricted to areas east of the Elbe," Professor Niehammer wrote back in 1973 in his The book "The Bird of the World". As nice as it is to change, I took z.T. are more than problematic, once they have positive effects. The gray goose is now increasing in its entire population. Protective measures, strong growth in over-fertilized fields and climate change have led to about 5,000 breeding pairs in North Rhine-Westphalia – and the trend is on the rise.

If I want to observe the behavior of the gray goose, an ancient form of our domestic goose, I drive to Borken on Lake Pröbsting. For example, there are gray geese on the Ruhr near Mülheim, but not in numbers like in Borken or the Lower Rhine.
& # 39; The Child of the Goose by Martin & # 39; designed by Konrad Lorenz and the & # 39; Gray Goose Movement, & # 39; exploring key stimuli and the nature of the act of instinct, have awakened in me a love of biology. Lorenz was introduced to these animals with his anecdotes as "the father of the gray goose." It is fascinating to read that Konrad-Lorenz lived in Altenberg and later at the Max Plank Institute in Seewiesen, almost like a goose among geese – as an "Einstein der Tierseele" He received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in 1973. Still, he was not without controversy because of his attitude and statements in the Third Reich, and sometimes even afterwards, and remained controversial until his death in 1989. His later works, such as the "rear mirror" or "the eight deadly sins of civilized humanity" still worth a read.

But I appreciate him above all as the founder of a comparative study of behavior and The father of the gray goose.

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