Health: 6 effective home remedies for bad breath 2

Health: 6 effective home remedies for bad breath

Even if a good kebab with the addition of garlic sauce was delicious: At the latest, when you get together with his colleagues, the conversation and laughter – and some of them suddenly rush – is Knobifahne, but a little annoying.

Halitosis cannot be caused only by doner kebab, spaghetti aglio e olio or Tsatsiki. Sometimes behind it is disease.

This is what causes bad breath

To effectively combat bad breath, you first need to know the causes. They can be harmless (you would return to kebab) but also a symptom of the disease.

food: Garlic and onions are long-lasting favorites when it comes to bad breath. Immediately after eating, the infamous garlic flag comes in, later the unpleasant odor penetrates the skin from the outside.

Some people smell more of garlic than others – unfairly, but not changing.

post: Those who fast for a few days in a row or follow an extremely reduced carbohydrate diet, such as a ketogenic diet, may assume that their breath is not as fresh as usual.

The reason is that the body converts fat deposits into ketone bodies in a state of ketogenic fasting to provide energy. These ketone bodies have an unpleasant sweet odor.

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