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Homeopathy: The Dangerous Games of the Doctor in the Bavarian State Parliament – THE WORLD

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Globules instead of antibiotics? Dangerous Games by Doctors in the Bavarian State Parliament

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The policy wants to continue to reimburse health insurance companies

There is no evidence of the success of homeopathy other than a belief in effect. But many healthcare companies pay for it. Politics wants to change that now.

Bavarian politicians are seriously considering whether homeopathic remedies work against resistant germs. So, they have a lot of humor, absurdity and simplicity on their side. And an overlooked opportunity.

Dthe Bavarian State Parliament decided in its kind of physician to clarify the basic medical issue by means of a study. It should answer the question of whether homeopathic remedies can replace antibiotics. A process that is hard to beat because of comedy, absurdity and simplicity.

For political reasons, Germany had already commissioned such an investigation: in 1936, National Socialist health politicians hoped for an alternative, mythical, original German cure. Fortunately, the doctors in charge of the exam were commissioned. Her judgment was devastating: homeopathic remedies were ineffective. Since then, all serious studies have supported this result.

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Now you could say: Let them go, Bayern. It can't hurt. Finally, antibiotic resistance reaches alarming proportions. The search for new, effective remedies for dangerous bacteria is one of the most important tasks of medicine. But the question is which of the common substances from the list of homeopathic substances should be tested as a weapon against deadly germs: arsenic, lead, daisy? Belladonna, asbestos, coca cola or dog feces? Or a fragment of the Berlin Wall (a homeopathic specialty of a London pharmacy). These are all substances which, according to the doctrine of salvation, should in a mysterious, impartial manner store the "data" of the original substance. At doses that are so low that they have no effect. Fortunately.

It seems like despair when politicians abandon the path of science and efficiency for fear of abandoning antibiotic-resistant microbes. Recently, the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world stopped research on new antibiotics – too expensive, too unprofitable. This is a call to action for all politicians who really want to make a difference. But apparently he barely noticed. No one in the Bavarian state parliament anyway.

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