How to Make Blue Eyes Bluish Look 2

How to Make Blue Eyes Bluish Look

The make-up, which is useful for breaking your eyes, may vary depending on the current makeup products and routines you want to continue. Whether you are planning an evening out or simply revitalizing your makeup, blue eyes will turn blue with the right eye makeup and the colors of your eyes and hair color.

How to Make Blue Eyes Bluish Look 3

credit: Gam1983 / iStock / GettyImages How to make blue eyes look blue


When applying eye makeup, apply brown, gold and copper colors, including eye shadows and eyes. Use more than one shade of color you choose for your eyelids (for example, use more than one shade of brown to add depth to your eyes).

Use a blue eyeliner when filling the eye level without overloading the color. A blue or dark blue complements the blue eyes.

Wear a bright lipstick color, e.g. For example, a bright red to make your blue eyes look blue (your eyelids remain bare or naked). Use a dark black or brown eyeliner to complete this look and put your eyes and lips in the spotlight.

Apply copper and brown eyes under your eyes and create a fine line under the waterline to brighten your blue eyes. Wear clothes that accentuate your eye shadow or lipstick color (if you use bright colors) to highlight your eyes. Wear blue clothes that complement your eyes. B. Wear darker or lighter tone than your eye color. Check out the different colors of clothing and accessories in a mirror to see what makes your eye color the best.


Don't wear blue clothes and accessories that are too good to match the color of your eyes and look like your outfit rather than stand out.

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