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How to Use a Sunbeam Electric Fryer |

Sunbeam electric toasters use an autonomous heating element to operate in the same way as regular pans. The electric frying pan replicates most cooking methods that facilitate standard frying pans, including the saucepan, cooking and frying. Putting baked goods on a grid and cooking with the lid makes it possible to bake bread and other items that fit the size of the pan.

How to Use a Sunbeam Electric Fryer | 3

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Wash the pan with mild detergent and water and dry. Place the pan, turn it on and set the temperature to the desired setting.

Eat the Sunbeam frying pan and follow the same cooking process when working with a regular frying pan. Do not use metal utensils in the electric pan. Keep the non-adhesive surface.

Add food to the baking pan. Pressing the lever down, the tray rotates and the cooking liquid is collected at the corner of the pan. Lift objects with a spoon to remove the collected cooking liquid and to disperse over the food during cooking.

Bake in the electric pan. With the lid turned on, heat the electric pan to the "10" temperature setting. Add a small wire rack to the pan, place the pan with the dough and replace the lid. The baking surface of the pan is 15 inches x 11.5 inches. Wire rods that are 14 inches x 10 inches or less and fit into the pan. The wire basket allows the heat to pass under the dough during cooking.

Cook the pasta and rice in the pan. Add water and adjust heat to "5" and boil. Add rice or pasta. Prepare with the usual preparation techniques.

Fry the meat with the electric frying pan and sauté. Mustard creates a Maillard reaction – a complex chemical change that causes amino acids to take on the properties of sugar and caramelizing, resulting in a desired golden brown exterior. Preheat the pan between the "8" and "9" temperature settings. Remove the lid and fry the meat on all sides. Replace the cover, adjust the temperature setting to "4" and "5" and reach the recommended indoor temperature.

Fry lightly in the frying pan. Add enough oil to partially immerse the food, warm up to a temperature between "6" and "8" and follow the same instructions as when using a standard frying pan. Fry by adding about 1 tbsp. Add oil to the pan. Preheat to the desired temperature and use the same cooking technique you follow when cooking in a typical pan.

Clean and maintain the electric pan. Do not use a dishwasher, chemical abrasives or cleaning pads to clean the pot. Use only mild detergent and warm water. Dry the container carefully before storing.


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