"KKO Group and over 2000 jobs remain": KKO remains 2

"KKO Group and over 2000 jobs remain": KKO remains

Oberhausen Catholic Hospital (CCW) has reached an important milestone in its recovery path: Swiss AMEOS Holding AG takes over CCW, including geriatric care and service units. KKO continues to be a group of companies and more than 2000 jobs.

A healthcare company operating in Germany, Switzerland and Austria has signed an investment agreement with the approval of the board of creditors. Until the approval of the German antitrust office and the implementation of the insolvency plan, which is expected to be voted on next month, operational management remains unchanged in self-government.
"With Ameos, we could not only get an experienced healthcare company, but also a financially strong partner who wants to invest in the future of the CCW," says restructuring director Christian Eckert of WMC Healthcare. "Ameos intends the healthy development of the CCW and the continued repositioning we have initiated," Eckert continued.
For now, psychiatry will be held at St. John's Hospital. Josef in Alt-Oberhausen. In addition, Ameos wants to keep the Internal Medicine Department at Marienhospital as its own department. "This is a clear and very clear commitment to CCW and we are extremely pleased on behalf of the employees," Eckert said.
AMEOS, with its 85 facilities and more than 13,000 employees, wants to not only focus on healthcare in Oberhausen, but also preserve the church character as much as possible. These include u.a. also that pastoral care continues in homes including chapels. “Preserving over 2000 jobs and the cohesion of the KKO Group as a whole is a great success. With a willingness to secure a position as an employee of the church's retirement fund, AMEOS sends another clear signal to co-workers towards future co-existence, "said Dr. Christoph Niering, MD.
"Of course, I am particularly pleased that AMEOS, as a future owner, is ready to secure a multitude of jobs while still offering great satisfaction to creditors." Sebastian Henneke, who, as a guardian, supervised the proceedings with his team. The self-government process should now be terminated by the insolvency plan as soon as possible. Probably next month, creditors will vote on it.
"On behalf of the government and the entire restructuring team, we would like to thank all the CCW staff. The past few months have not been easy, working in bankruptcy is de facto and above all emotionally difficult. Still, the employees were extremely motivated – and that was and is a key to the success of the upcoming transaction, "emphasizes Christian Eckert, MD Christoph Niering, MD, and Sebastian Henneke, MD.

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