Light bar: Ohm for people 2

Light bar: Ohm for people

WithWe soon considered whether we should send a dear message to you, dear readers. But then we thought that connoisseurs of this column should feel the sensation first: A flash of inspiration strikes in the Munich four-cylinder. So far, there were no charging cables when buying an electric BMW. They had to order it for an extra charge, which annoyed one or the other customer from the premium league. After careful consideration, the Bavarians have clearly come to believe that charging without cables causes some problems, which is why BMW is making it known that from 1.11.2019. Anyone in Germany who has hybrid plugs or a cordless electrician, public cable as standard. Say again, executive change exhausted. As soon as Oliver Zipse is at the wheel, the shop is already filling up.

Holger Appel

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "technology and the engine."

Maybe a man should take up a coaching job at FC Bayern, where his unwavering confidence also floats a little. Although we rely there for the further progression of the next Oliver, future Kahn is only getting better.

With full power in the same Volkswagen powertrains with Zwickau's stunned ID 3 on Monday, the electrifying top model is available as an Ius Primae Noctis version for € 40,000 and the entry-level version with a zero-size battery will cost just under € 30,000. Maybe this is a little difficult as a car to people, but luckily we live in a social market economy. The market economy is quietly defending as an electric motor 5 percent plus 73 FDP votes in opposition, the entrepreneurial risk is fueling the social federal government increased by 50 percent of subsidies. Run at them.