Lose Weight: Intuitive eating is a new American eating trend 2

Lose Weight: Intuitive eating is a new American eating trend

When it comes to nutrition, the keyword has recently been circulating An intuitive dish in the world of weight loss concepts. The trend is moving to many people, especially those who are tired of dieting. because An intuitive dish – Intuitive German food – refers to a diet that is about what is good for you. And this is not determined by calorie tables or nutritional analysis, but by a healthy gut feeling. But how exactly does the diet method work?

What is intuitive eating?

The term first appeared twenty years ago: American authors and nutritionists Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch have published a book entitled "Intuitive Eating", Their approach is based on the body signaling what kind of food is currently needed. And this man does not need diet and nutrition counselors if he can trust his inner voice.

Eating Trend: That's how intuitive eating works

Ten rules break down the term An intuitive dishAmong other things, this includes the idea that one should appreciate hunger. This is far from the established principles of the food and wellness industry, which often assume that there are whole groups of foods that are harmful and that a diet with as few calories as possible is ideal. On the other hand, if you do not consider your own hunger a threat but a natural reality, you can be much more impartial with certain meals.

In fact, so many stereotypes have been created during the diet and wellness movement that a diet based solely on desire seems almost utopian. An example of arbitrariness? If you try to lose weight, you won't get a serving of French fries with Currywurst for lunch, but a salad. Even if the body just needs a lot more urgency right now for a handful of fries. But if you deny the long stretches of everyday life with the feeling that you have to deny yourself something for a reason, the need for it grows disproportionately: It is evidenced by late-night cravings for sweets or salty and greasy. If one indulges in one's intuition, then that's the idea Intuitive eating, would not have come this far.

Conclusion: Is intuitive eating also suitable for weight loss?

Who deals with the ten rules of the rules An intuitive dish including mindfulness in dealing with feeling full, having a better look at your own body, and a guide to dealing with your own emotions that arise without food – quickly realizing that this is not a diet trend you can just follow. The food debate is part of the project An intuitive dish much more comprehensive. It also presents opportunities and risks: those who can get involved in it learn a lot about how much their own diet is sometimes determined by others. How ideological, how much they still dictate, that only those who are thin are healthy. Anyone who is willing to befriend their own bodies and not see it as a self-improvement project can get to the point where they simply listen to their bodies when they are hungry and eat what they like. If you, on the other hand, are eagerly looking for results and want to lose weight fast, this method does not help.