Medium-Bob: The New Trend Of Medium Length Hairstyles | ELLE 2

Medium-Bob: The New Trend Of Medium Length Hairstyles | ELLE

There is news about Bob Hairstyles! We are now carrying evergreens to a new medium length. Of course, the trend already has its name – it's called the Middle Bob and is the optimal choice for those who want change but still don't want to take too much risk.

Medium Bob: This is how the new trendy hairstyle looks

Not too short, not too long: The berry is reappearing this season with a new side and is now preferably mid-length. This means: It is longer than the classic short bob (which reaches the most to the chin) and shorter than the praise (enough over the shoulder) – the optimal medium solution, so to speak. Tips float above the shoulders and can be compactly cut lengthwise or with a slight incline. Wavy, curly, smooth or with a deep side – the new Medium-Bob can also be combined with any style preference and is therefore great for everyday use as well as variable. I: Medium long hairstyles are ideal for those who want to slowly get closer to short hair, without radical change and a nice transitional look for women who want to grow their short bob.

Who is a medium length bob?

Medium-length hairstyles have been in fashion for months and for credible reasons – Midi-Hair simply flatters every woman and works with all hair structures from smooth to curly. The bob hairstyle can also be tailored to fine details: Round faces look clearer when the middle bob is worn in the side. Square or very narrow faces look softer when the hair is combined with soft waves, and the pony can hide a high forehead or simply provide some variety.