Rummenigge before the collision against BVB: "If Kovac was smart, ..." 2

Rummenigge before the collision against BVB: "If Kovac was smart, …"

He knows both clubs from his active career: Michael Rummenigge speaks in a big interview about the Bundesliga FC Bayern Munich collision against Borussia Dortmund.

  • FC Bayern Munich welcome Borussia Dortmund on Saturday night.
  • Michael Rummenigge, Karl-Heinz's brother, talks about the game in an interview
  • Rummenigge also has an opinion on Nick Kovac

Munich – FC Bayern and Dortmund do not fit together in the hearts of fans, but many have played for both clubs. One of them is Michael Rummenigge (55), who has completed more than 150 Bundesliga matches for both FCB and BVB. This so-called interview:

Mr Rummenigge, BVB has a fear effect of 3-22 goals in his last five games in Munich – and still travels confidently to Bayern.

Rummenigge: Yes, and you know why? Because this 3-2 against Inter gave a lot of confidence. Honestly, I wanted to go home after 0-2, like so many others. But then something incredible happened. Lucien Favre has to explain to the boys: Friends, if we lose here today, we can start the Champions League. It worked.

Is BVB back on track – or still volatile?

Taking on this second half was a step back in the right direction. You could see what the team was capable of, especially young players like Hakimi, Brandt and even Götze. Let me call it Dortmund with two faces. I would not believe them in this performance increase.

What role does the new, extroverted Lucien Favre play?

Big. I've never seen him on the line like he did against Inter. He ran almost as fast as Antonio Conte – and walked eight miles (laughs). Even Joachim Watzke says he likes it. Changing the image is not bad. Trying new things can help.

"I think it could be a level playing field"

Also survive in Munich?

Anyway. With a score of 0: 5 last season, it seemed too defensive, BVB may dare. And things don't go well with the people of Munich, otherwise you wouldn't be the first club to fire a coach, for the first time in history. I think it could be a level playing field. A small bag of surprises.

Is this a game of fate for Bayern?

The season is still long. But as for the release of Nike Kovac, I would like to say: it was better to take a step. Even if you didn't see it against Piraeus: It was a release for the team. A win against Dortmund could now betray a lot.

Do you want to stick on Hansi Flick's skin?

Hansi is a very nice guy, I know him from my active time in Munich. He does a great job with the national team and is doing it now. Getting Herrmann Gerland was just right. The two of them are already doing it. And if there are no better coaches and they succeed, they can go longer.

Until the summer?

Of course. Only: If it does not produce results, it will be difficult.

"You need people like that now"

It relies on proven strengths like Müller and Martinez.

If Nico Kovac had been smart, he would have installed Martinez earlier. And Müller can revive any match, always scoring. Plus, he's fixed in Bayern, that's the kind of people you need now.

In the background is a coach search. Your brother has no easy task, does he?

All three, including Karl-Heinz, Uli Hoeneß and Hasan Salihamidžić. Nobody does a solo. It's just that there aren't that many coaches in the market who question it.

Arsene Wenger never will.

He's even older than Karl-Heinz and Uli (laughs). I don't know if that would be the best man.

José Mourinho?

Not really. Does it suit people with big heads in Bayern? This is also not easy to add to the expertise of former world-class players.

"Eric ten The Hague. I don't think it's bad"

Who is your favorite?

Rummenigge: Erik ten The Hague is not bad for me, he coached the other team for two years and celebrated great successes with Ajax. But it can't until the new season. Just like Thomas Tuchel. But I had to smile about Rangnick.


His advisor says publicly, while I don't think anyone thought about Bayern for a moment on Rangnick. Professor at FC Bayern – this shouldn't be an insult, but: It really doesn't fit.

How important would continuity be in the position?

Very important. I think you're still grieving for Pep Guardiola. That was the time. He made everyone better. To replace him, he has failed so far.

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