Shirin David: Spicy Youtube videos have emerged - rappers are sharply criticized 2

Shirin David: Spicy Youtube videos have emerged – rappers are sharply criticized

Known for his appearance is rapper Shirin David of Hamburg. Now she does not collect hairspray or makeup but for nails.

  • Shirin David from Hamburg is a singer, rapper and YouTuberin
  • The young artist is known for her provocative looks
  • Now Shirin David's nails are the focus of her lips

Hamburg – Rapper Shirin David likes to arouse public interest with his appearance. Be it tons of makeup, wigs or tight clothes – the artist loves to get attention. Well experienced Shirin David Hostility over her nails.

Shirin David: The Hamburg rapper stands out

Shirin David not only is it confusing with her music, but also with her attention. Recent focus: her nails, The main thing extra long, like pointed, colorful or extravagant with a good dose of Bling Bling and wearing – this is often the motto Shirin Davids nail design, Posted on Twitter landmark "The shocked glances of my nail salon neighbors at the nail salon always make me think 'Yaa man – please go on for a while longer.' Shirin David So, he not only likes to attract attention, but also to provoke.

And it's been so long nails super long nails, true under the motto "The nails longer than shorts, baby, give him a ", while he tails in his song" Give Him "from the album" SUPERSIZE " Youtube channels She seems to have set herself the task of artificial nails, as Shirin David she wears, u YouTube videos to test their suitability for daily use. Whether it is home-based activities such as beds, office work on or near a computer, playing video games, dressing or eating. There's a camera everywhere, well YouTube subscribers Keep track of everything live. The first problems occur when gluing XXL false nails.

Shirin David: Youtuberinnen tests nails on body and soul

Let's hope so Shirin David a nail designer who has her confidence in exercising. Compare with the claws that are always screaming everywhere, or wondering if there is one nails You need a gun license. But even if nails of Shirin David only with masters Youtube channels Shake your head or laugh to be sure of one thing: they pay for it landmark from Hamburg utmost respect for him, of course Shirin David wears claws with everyday showbiz.

Because: life with nails how Shirin David It's just not easy, even if getting used to is a matter of practice. Even removing the simplest things at once becomes a monster task. Just a plus XXL false nails is a suffocation and massage function for pets and / or friends.

Shirin David: Rapper gives contraindications in his song lyrics

Shirin David it would not be Shirin Davidif they are on such YouTube videos he would react. Boy landmark from Hamburg he stays true to his personal style and will continue to impress with one bold look or the other. Shirin David skillfully packs this message into his lyrics, such as "Don't style me …" in his hit "Give Him."

The message is clear Shirin David they can't say anything about anything or anyone, especially when it comes to their style. The fact is: your fans love and praise the artist for that. And her extreme appearance will forever be the secret of her success. nails Shirin David is not only about the boy landmark from Hamburg Shirin David broadcasts in recognition of beauty. Meanwhile, Shirin David is discovering parts of her past on Instagram.

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