Side effects of breast milk - 2019 2

Side effects of breast milk – 2019

Mothers Milk Tea is a herbal blend designed to stimulate milk production. Herbs can mimic female hormones because they contain phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant estrogens that act similar to human estrogens. This refreshing milk tea is rich in herbs such as fennel, swordfish and blessed thistle. Breast milk also contains fruit extracts, such as organic anise and organic corn. Herbal teas have been used for thousands of years to help nursing mothers and cure other ailments.

Side effects of breast milk - 2019 3

Use herbs in moderation.


One of the cheapest side effects of breast milk tea is the increase in the amount of breast milk a woman can produce. Herbs found in tea are called dairy herbs. The combination of herbs has a powerful effect on a woman's body. Breast milk tea is also sweet. Fenugreek tastes similar to maple syrup. Some mothers have also reported that their children have less colic and gas when mothers drink this tea consistently.


Most women report a difference in the quality and production of breast milk in the first days after tea. The results are not immediate because it takes the body to absorb the herbs. Many mothers are happy to drink the tea for several months or even a year or more while nursing their babies.

Changes in blood sugar

Some women who drink breast milk tea also have another side effect – changes that have been reported in their blood sugar levels. Pumpkin can lower blood sugar levels if taken excessively. This can cause some women to develop hypoglycaemia. Mothers who are diabetic or who already have hypoglycaemia should be careful about using the appendix. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Upset stomach and diarrhea

Some of the herbal teas in breast milk have also caused stomach upset and diarrhea in some women. If this is the case, reduce your dose or talk to your doctor. This is more common in women with a history of gastrointestinal problems. Also keep in mind that the dose may need to be lowered if you start producing too much milk. Too much breast milk can cause excessive baby consumption. Many mothers take tea to give their body a boost and then stop using it after they have achieved the desired results. Once the milk supply is activated, they still produce milk without the tea.


Talk to your doctor before drinking herbal tea. Herbs are powerful medicines and should be treated as such. Some herbs can interact with medicines or other herbs. Some women may also be sensitive to herbs, such as the jellyfish. If you have any allergies to grass or weeds, this tea may not be for you. Inhalation of swordfish causes an allergic reaction in some people, similar to other allergies.