Use of adhesive for a Mohawk 2

Use of adhesive for a Mohawk

Perhaps the epitome of "extreme" cuts, the mohawk revolutionary is nothing without the skillful addition of a good glue. Adding glue to this hairstyle is essential to the classic effect, but it can be difficult to apply, especially for a beginner. A good glue option, combined with knowing the timing and how to apply and comb, will help you get the right mohawk the first time you try it.

Use of adhesive for a Mohawk 3

Use glue for Mohawk

Step 1

Choose a glue for your hair. The best option is a hair glue, especially if it is manufactured for the purpose of coating (these are available at most "big box" stores in the hair care department). However, you can also use other non-toxic adhesives as long as they are water soluble (otherwise you cannot rinse them), e.g. B. school glue. A gel glue is a better choice than a white glue because it can leave a slightly opaque effect.

Step 2

Shampoo, condition and rinse your hair well. The air conditioner is especially useful because it helps you apply the glue evenly without your hair sticking so hard on your fingers.

Step 3

Partially dry your hair. Rub in a wrap and towel until it rains, but do not drip. If you want to look "wet" with your mohawk, go no further, but if you want a drier look, dry your hair until it is almost completely dry but still slightly wet.

Step 4

Apply glue to your Mohawk. How much you need depends on the strength of your glue and the size of your mohawk, but they usually use a generous amount. Also, use more if your hair is wet, as water will dilute the glue. You will want every strand of hair to be fully covered from root to tip.

Step 5

Cover the mug. Start with your fingers and then edit the hairpin shape. Comb on the tip of the spike, then comb and reform while drying the hair. Initially it will stick and should be repeatedly encouraged to maintain its upright shape.

Step 6

Hold the mohawk by drying it as you press it open. If your spike is particularly high, you may want to spend some time in the middle so that gravity pulls the hair out of your head.

Step 7

Grab loose hair strands dry from the main tip by spraying water, then squeeze with the tip. This will reactivate the glue.