Weight Loss: With this banana trick, now it's really easy to sugar free! 2

Weight Loss: With this banana trick, now it's really easy to sugar free!

Want to lose weight and want to gradually reduce your sugar intake but make it difficult to integrate the alternative into your daily life? Totally understandable. After all, commercial sugar is the simplest (and unfortunately the most delicious) way to sweeten your life: Easy to serve, available everywhere, and actually food that everyone has at home. We looked for the perfect alternative to sweetening your porridge and Co – and found it.

Do a banana-free trick on sugar and lose weight

This super simple banana trick ensures you always have a healthy sweetener ready. All you need are ice cube trays, a freezer and lots of ripe bananas.

Ripe bananas: the perfect sugar replacement for weight loss

Bananas are just like avocados: simply too immature, only a short time later in perfect morsel condition, before being completely overripe again and not so tasty. Unfortunately, you always miss the time period they are good to eat. Meaning: A bundle of bananas is brown and sugar sweet before you even thought to eat a banana. But throwing is out of the question here! Because when your bananas have reached overly ripe levels, they are ideal for our trick.

Ripe bananas are the perfect way to bring healthy sweetness to life with food: whether in combination with pancake flour, baking cookies or biscuits, or in oatmeal. How to do this, we all know by now: just grind them with a fork and stir under the other ingredients.

This is how you make banana sugar from your banana diet

But did you know that ripe bananas can be harvested very well? To always have a sweetener on hand, simply stuff the crushed bananas into ice cubes – then freeze them in portions. They are easier to use later in this form than if they were frozen in one or smaller pieces. Distribute the banana by the ice cubes mold so you can feel later how much banana you are using.

If you want to put a banana in your oatmeal or your pancakes, just press a few cubes from the mold and melt them briefly in the microwave. Of course, if you cook the oatmeal in a pot, you can easily add the frozen cube to it. This way you will never have to dispose of overripe bananas and always have a healthy sweetener. Super easy, isn't it?

To achieve long-term and healthy weight loss, we recommend changing your diet. A radical diet can cause and promote eating disorders. Eating disorder is a serious illness that needs professional help. If you or a family member is affected by an eating disorder, you will find, for example, the Addiction Line (089/28 28 22). Here you can – anonymously, without obligation and for free – talk all the time to someone who advises, supports and listens to you.