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Add to Noodle Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is one of the most universally prepared foods that can be found in almost any culinary tradition in the world. In America, chicken soup is the gold standard, but not everyone has the time or the ability to make it from scratch. This has created a market for concentrated soups that only need to be reheated. These are generally acceptable, but they are not interested in taste. If convenience requires opening a container, there are some techniques that the savvy chef can use to enhance the taste of the soup.

Add to Noodle Chicken Soup 3

Chicken noodle soup, even from a tin, can be a satisfying meal.

Onions, celery and aromas

Onions, celery and other aromatic vegetables such as leek or garlic are among the most universal ingredients for a homemade chicken soup. Therefore, it only makes sense to give them in a canned soup to give it a taste. Chop the aromatic vegetables and sweat in a frying pan in a little oil or butter. Once they are translucent and release their aromas, add the canned soup and water. Simmer for at least 10 to 15 minutes to allow the broth to absorb the aromas.

Fresh herbs

Many fresh herbs complement the chicken and most can be added to the containers to enhance the aroma. Put half a sprig of rosemary in a saucepan while the soup is warming and remove it before feeding. Use chopped chives or parsley to add color and a fresh low-key flavor to the soup. Thyme, tarragon or fresh sage leaves have stronger aromas and can be added sparingly with good results. As a rule, each of these herbs complements the chicken soup, either alone or with parsley.


If you have more time, chop some fresh vegetables to add to the soup. Carrots, peas, green beans and broccoli or cauliflower are all perfectly compatible with the chicken soup. Prepare them individually in water or relieve broth from canned soup and add them with the recommended amount of water. Once the vegetables are soft, add the noodles and chicken from the canned soup. This prevents the pasta from becoming gloomy during the cooking of the vegetables.

Chicken and chicken broth

Of course, chicken soup is best for preparing chicken. A fresh chicken breast or leg, finely chopped, cooks quickly, while the soup reheats and adds a lot of flavor. Homemade chicken broth is another great choice because it adds flavor and also delivers the normally high sodium content of canned soups. One or more small chicken containers kept in the freezer during times of distress is a simple but important addition to any chef's arsenal.