Checking your ears for balancing problems 2

Checking your ears for balancing problems

It can start in the legs, in the brain or in the ear. "There are many different reasons why people have balance disorders. Anything from neuropathy that you can't feel your feet can cause imbalance. People may have a migraine that can lead to their imbalance, ”says Dr. Drew Horlbeck, an otolaryngologist at Lee Health Medical Staff.

But there are times when balance issues start in the inner ear. "We would call it vertigo. The feeling of movement while you are stationary and people have these symptoms, then look more closely to see if the inner ear causes these problems, "said Dr. Horlbeck.

Another condition of the inner ear that can cause imbalance is Meniere's disease. "Meniere's disease is a problem with the inner ear that has a problem with pressure in the fluid of the inner ear so that patients have discrete episodes of ear ringing, fullness, reduced hearing and dizziness," he said.

If doctors find any problems with the inner ear, patients may undergo balance or centralized examination. "When there are difficult patients with balance or hearing disorders, other than the ordinary, they send them to me," Dr. Horlbeck said.

Depending on the problem, doctors may recommend dietary changes such as limiting caffeine and alcohol to improve the patient's symptoms. Other times things like medication or physical therapy can help patients manage their symptoms and improve their balance.

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