MontanaBlack drops Twitch magic from the top 10 streamers 2

MontanaBlack drops Twitch magic from the top 10 streamers

German scraper Marcel "MontanaBlack" Eris was world number 2 in September 2019 on Twitch after the most viewed hours. He gave up his top 10 in October, aided by a spell. In addition, he renounced the gambling transfer and re-committed to Fortnite and FIFA 20.

So the numbers have changed:

MontanaBlack streamed 44% less and averaged 40% fewer viewers. As a result, he lost 66% of hours watched – meaning he was way behind the top 10.

In September 2019, MontanaBlack was in a strong 2nd place.

Twitch spell after Ausraster on FIFA 20

Why wasn't MontanaBlack so fluid? The lower number of MontanaBlack hours was not self-selected, but because of the magic of jerk.

According to their own statements, MontanaBlack was on the debate server, in a voice chat, and was terribly excited about FIFA 20: he said words he should not use on Twitch. However, he also did not think it could be heard live on Twitch.

But "my colleague," streaming on Twitch, did so without his knowledge, and so his forbidden words came to life.

MontanaBlack then received a 7-day Twitt ban, which he was not terribly happy with. MontanaBlack even hinted that he might be switching to a blender.

MontanaBlack now annoys Twitch-magic – No answer, even though it's so tall

No more gambling, but Fortnite, FIFA, Call of Duty

What did he stream? MontanaBlack's "dietary current" has changed little. In September 2019, he had an average of most viewers when he played "slots." These are gambling on Twitch, about blackjack for money. On average, 65,607 people watched it. MontanaBlack is considered a "high roller", as someone who plays for relatively much money.

But in October, MontanaBlack did not commit to those sites. His most successful game now is Fortnite again. He played for 12 hours, watching an average of 40,000 spectators. (Via sullygnome)

Most of the time MontanaBlack played on Twitch, but FIFA 20 – it was seen by "only" 25,300 people on average. Here are some great scenes in which MontanaBlack buys tickets and hopes for top players:

How to define the upper stream on twitch? Top streamers represent the "most watched hours" of individual channels on Twitch. Because company channels are calculated.

For example, in October 2019, the Ritch Games Twitch channel was incredibly active and successful because of the LoL World Cup. But you don't decide as a company in deciding "Top Streamer" into it. That's why WoW streamer Asmongold is No. 1 for the third month in a row.

The WoW hype on Twitch is over – but Asmongold stays on 1