More than makeup: DKMS LIFE offers a cosmetic seminar for cancer patients 2

More than makeup: DKMS LIFE offers a cosmetic seminar for cancer patients


The diagnosis of cancer, received annually by some 230,000 women in Germany, means not only a struggle with survival, but also a daily battle with the mirror image. On November 20, DKMS LIFE is offering a "look good to feel better" cosmetic seminar for cancer patients undergoing therapy at Fulda Hospital.

Treating cancer with chemotherapy or radiation leads to dramatic changes in appearance, DKMS LIFE said in a statement. Because of hair loss, loss of eyelashes and eyebrows, or skin irritation, many women lose confidence and feel extra drawn to the disease, it is said.

DKMS LIFE gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH DKMS LIFE gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH offers free self-help in addressing external changes during cancer therapy in free cosmetic seminars.

"Professional, trained cosmetic experts show cancer patients step by step how to hide the external effects of therapy: from cleansing and nourishing often very sensitive skin, applying a primer and naturally detecting unusual eyebrows and eyelashes to skin patches resulting from radiation. "In addition, a maximum of ten participants in the approximately two-hour hands-on program vividly advised the topic of scarves and blankets.

It goes on to say: “All patients actively participate in the seminar, which means that they put on makeup on their own to gain a sense of how to treat the products and how to use them. A cosmetic expert helps them. It is not about perfect make-up, but a natural and fresh look for everyday life and a little bit of normalcy. "

Attendees are encouraged to look in the mirror once more and implement what they learned after the seminar. "Because for patients with cancer, cosmetics are often much more than makeup – it can be therapy and life training."

Participation and a bag of 13 beauty products tailored to the individual steps of the program is free for patients. Companies in the cosmetics industry support the patient program as a collaboration partner. Information and applications to: Clinicum Fulda gAG, Anna Schiz, Phone 0661 845490.

Participation is free of charge. The number of participants is limited to 10. Beginning November 20 at 11 am. / FZ

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