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Apply glossy body – 2019

Body Glitter is a great way to add shine to an outfit and make it instantly shiny. But if you wear too much, you run the risk of looking like a disco ball, leaving a glowing mark on every seat, wall, and person you touch throughout the night. It is important to use Body Glitter properly to avoid this unpleasant situation. In this article we will discuss how to apply body glow.

Apply glossy body - 2019 2

  • Exfoliate the body with sugar or sea salt
  • Gel with face and body mask
  • sponge gauze
  • Soft wash
  • Face and body lotion
  • Soft absorbent bath towel

How To Apply Body Glitter

Take a warm shower. Get in as usual, wash your hair, face and body as usual.

Immerse yourself in sugar or sea bush. Use your hands or gauze sponge to gently rub all parts of your body. Focus especially on the cheekbones, shoulders and hourglass. These are "body areas" in your body that can be marked with body shine to draw attention to these sensory areas.

Apply glossy body - 2019 3

Rinse all granular peeling off the body. It is important to remove all the rubbing so that it does not scratch later.

Wear a face mask and a gel-based body mask. This rejuvenates your skin and relaxes it after intense exfoliation.

Apply glossy body - 2019 4

Rinse well. Make sure all soap and mask residues are completely gone. Use the soft wash to make sure you are completely clean. Your skin is smooth and firm.

Dry completely. Use a soft, absorbent towel to make sure you are completely dry.

Moisturize. Cover yourself gently and evenly with body lotion. Scrub it completely.

Wait 10 minutes for the lotion to absorb. If you can avoid it, don't wear your shirt because you don't want to rub the lotion on your face or upper body.

Apply Body Glitter to your body preference points. Carefully brush the shine to your preference points and remove any excess shine from the brush before using it to make sure you do not overdo it or shine on your clothes. You should wipe the cheeks, shoulders and collars easily. Your cleansed and hydrated skin should keep the shine on throughout the night.

Apply glossy body - 2019 5

  • Dip your cheeks as you wrap your cheekbones and glisten the shiny bones of the bone as you draw a "C" side on each side of your face.