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Big check on the NÖ community: Our healthy communities

DISTRICT NUNKIRCHEN. General practitioners, Specialists, Health care. How well placed are our communities? Our health is one of the most important things in life. Only healthy people can perform, be satisfied and motivated. Good health care includes prevention, curation, rehabilitation, nursing and palliative care.


Medical care in Neunkirchen is well covered by 70 general practitioners, 85 specialists, 36 dentists and 13 pharmacies. The 814 employees of the Austrian Red Cross with the Neunkirchen and Gloggnitz district offices and the 59 employees of Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund also make a major contribution in many health care fields.

Red Cross

According to our extrapolation for 2019, the Neunkirchen Red Cross district office will report 28 693 ambulances and 7275 rescue operations in 2019. Emergency physicians are on average eight times a day, "informs district manager Horst Willesberger. Neunkirchen district office with 432 volunteers, 4 social year volunteers, 31 civil servants, 67 full-time employees and 57 employees offering training and training in addition to health and social services. Willesberger recommends.

Stay healthy

The Niederösterreichische Gebietskrankenkasse offers a comprehensive health promotion and prevention program, such as Smoking Cessation or the Healthy Primary School project, which will be attended by eight elementary schools in the district in 2019. Only recently has a mental health day been held in Reichenau. However, at community level, one focus is on health promotion: Adult education centers offer health and physical activity courses.

density doctors

Medical density per 1000 population:
1. Schottwien 4.4 (meaning: about 1,000 doctors take care of 1,000 residents).
2. Neunkirchen 4.1
3. Aspang Market 3.9
4. Gloggnitz 3.5
5. Ottertal 3.4