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Hi, hello cellulite! Thanks to these tricks we will get rid of dents during menopause

Cellulite not only takes us into our 20s and 30s, it can also become a problem during the menopause of the bumps on our thighs and buttocks. However, with the help of the following tips we can easily solve this problem …

Apart from mood swings, hot flashes and hair loss Menopause metabolism also goes crazy. Of course, too Effects on figure and connective tissue and so it is It is normal for us to not only gain a few pounds during this time, but also to fight cellulite. Of course, the bumps on your thighs and buttocks are no cause for shame, but we would rather do so if the skin in this area remains firm and firm. This is already possible with the help of the following Five tricks that are very easy to integrate into our daily lives. In this way, the existing recesses are minimized and the new recesses no longer stand a chance.

1. Regular massages

An easy way to combat bumps on your thighs and buttocks is to have a regular massage with a dry body brush. Massaging our skin in circular motions that are supposed to guide the heart promotes blood circulation, promoting collagen formation and restoring skin elasticity. By treating yourself with a special treatment like fixing WELEDA body oil after a massage, we can further enhance the effect.

2. Begin your day with three exercises each morning

If you want to get rid of your cellulite – especially during menopause – then you cannot get around it by exercising regularly. Although we would rather use the stairs in everyday life instead of the lift to train the muscles of the thighs and thighs, some sports exercises or yoga are not wrong. This does not mean that we have to sweat a few hours each day in the gym, but if we start the day with three simple exercises, then we are not only more energetic, the weakened connective tissue is strengthened. The three most effective exercises are squats, lunges and asses, which we should repeat three times, 15 times each.
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3. Drink, drink, drink

As simple as it sounds, we rarely stick to it. It is sufficient to drink the heads on the thighs if we drink at least two liters of liquid every day, in the form of water or unsweetened tea. Not only does it promote metabolism and digestion, but harmful toxins and water retention, which favors cellulite, are expelled from the body. The result is a casual silhouette – completely without sports and diets.

4. Daily shower changes

Just as easily as dry brushing can be integrated into our daily lives and reduce cellulite, everyday alternating showers can effectively smooth out recesses without having to spend a lot of effort. Leaking our lower body three times in a row with cold and warm water three times in a row promotes blood and lymph circulation, which in turn strengthens and soothes connective tissue. In addition, this ritual also evokes a uniform color, as the pores look smaller and smaller "spots" are reduced like spider veins.

5. Observe a diet high in fiber and protein

This is probably a trick that requires a little more effort, but it achieves the greatest results. Pay close attention to our diets and eat modestly sweet and salty foods, eating fiber and protein in oatmeal, whole grains, legumes, eggs and vegetables, the body becomes much faster.
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