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How to be scared like Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg wore her hair in braids. Then embraced a "low maintenance" style. He once said, "Today, when I see dreads, braids, plum lipsticks and women wearing sneakers and sneakers, I know this place is because of me." More than a decade later, her fears are still strong. You can record this style for you.

How to be scared like Whoopi Goldberg 2

credit: shironosov / iStock / GettyImages How to get dreads like Whoopi Goldberg


Wash your hair with a shampoo without residue and allow it to air dry

Split your hair into strands all over your head. Put a rubber band about an inch away from your scalp and another rubber band at the end of each.

Start at the back of the head. Take a section and turn it back and forth between your palms. Use a wax dreadlock clasp the size of an eraser and coat the cut. Turn again until the lane is jammed and closed.

Repeat turning, waxing and rotating until all cuts are made.

Wash every 3 to 5 days with no shampoo. For the first few weeks, put tights over the dreadlocks before washing them. This prevents them from being unlocked.


  • To lock your dreads faster, comb each section again. Use a metal comb with fine teeth. Comb with short paths from the end of each section and back to the scalp. Do this after coating each section with wax and before turning again.

  • If you want to use temporary dreadlocks, use gel styling instead of wax.


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