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How to Connect a Pony Tail |

A ponytail is one of the most long-lasting and classic hairstyles in recent American history. And for good reason, holding a ponytail takes seconds, takes hours and is ideal for everything from workout to marriage. Choose a non-rubber hair tie. Elastic bands or hair tires scrub the surface of the hair, weaken the follicle or even cut it off completely when the hair is good enough. Nylon hair tires are the least painful if they are sealed with glue instead of a metal clip that can pull the hair. Pairing a ponytail can be frustrating if you've never met before, but just like the millions of girls in front of you, you just need practice.

How to Connect a Pony Tail | 2

A quick ponytail leaves your hair out of your face.

Step 1

Brush your hair in the direction in which they grow. Binding your hair to a ponytail is more difficult with tangled curls.

Step 2

Place the tie around the first two fingers of your dominant hand and release it on the second end. Place each hand on both sides of the head to the ears and pull the hair back while the hair cord remains attached to the base of your fingers.

Step 3

Pull the hair back until your hands touch your head. Give the left side of your hair to your right hand if you are right handed or vice versa if you are left handed. Your right hand should now hold all your hair except the part that covers your neck.

Step 4

Raise the hair that covers the neck with your left hand while holding the rest of the hair with your right hand. Without leaving your hair, add the neck hair to your right hand. Your right hand should now hold all your hair.

Step 5

Use your left hand to pull the tie from the base of your front two fingers around the hair you hold in your right hand. Pull the hair through the tie and hold it with your left hand. Stabilize the hair flowing under the tie with your right hand.

Step 6

Turn the tie around the two front fingers of the left hand and pull the hair behind the loop. You should feel some space between the scalp and the tie, which makes your ponytail very tight, which can cause discomfort and hair loss.