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Hunchback: "Then we'll finish over the line"

After an intense 90 minutes, the stadium table at Gellertstraße 0-0 stood between the home Chemnitz FC and the Würzburger Kickers. CFC coach Patrick Glöckner was finally happy after a "great game" with one point, his club was finally "on the right track" in terms of relegation.

Patrick Glöckner

Satisfied with the appearance of his team: Chemnitz coach Patrick Glöckner.

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An "extraordinarily high intensity" game between Chemnitz and Franconia guests offered just about anything a fan's heart wanted. Quasi. All that was missing were the goals. "Next time I'm running 5: 4 rather than holding zero again," the coach began after the game. However, both teams "pulled everything in defensive behavior and demanded everything," so the desire for goals remained unfulfilled.

"You have between two and five goals in the game," Glöckner said, suggesting you have to be "on target" and then on the spot and in the cold. "That was not the case against FWK, but the coach 'can live with a point at the end anyway.'" We didn't lose our fifth game in a row. We have improved a lot in the introductory part and the way we manage the ball, "he praised his team and, above all," gained more confidence in the playing situations where we lost the Pressure and still remain calm. "

And that development can also make the difference between relegation and relegation for the 42-year-old: "If we rely on the fact that we play with confidence and dedication, then we'll end up across the line," said the coach, whose coach Tim is, however. ranked in the relegation zone. "The fact that only one point came in a home match today is like this, so the big picture is decided in the end – and we're on the right track."