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Menopause: Thanks to this method, you can delay menopause

Menopause of a woman begins at an average age of about 51 years. At the onset of menopause, however, there is great variance. At the same time, menopause may be delayed.

A woman's natural menopause, which is usually the result of anomalous period, usually begins between the ages of 45 and 60. To date, it is largely unclear where the large age range originated. A recent study by the University of Leeds, which is summarized on "", examined the aspect so far discussed. Scientists conclude that diet could play a crucial role in the age to enter.

This is how menopause develops


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Focus on nutrition

The researchers surveyed 14,150 British women aged between 40 and 69 and analyzed medical and demographic information: number of children, course of the weight curve and physical activity. But above all, they thoroughly analyzed the dietary behavior of the respondents – and it got the right focus. Because dieting it seems to play a crucial role.

Natural remedies help against the symptoms of menopause.

Fish and vegetables have a delaying effect

We already know that there are time factors in our diet. For example, in malnourished women and heavy smokers, menopause begins earlier. In case of high alcohol consumption, it starts again later. But our normal eating behavior also affects our timing.

According to current statistical estimates from Leeds researchers, this primarily refers to the high consumption of fish and their oils as well as fresh vegetables. According to the study, menopause time can be delayed by about three years, with appropriate dietary behavior. Vitamin B6 and trace zinc also play an important role.

Pasta and rice have an accelerating effect

In contrast, according to the study, it also applies that with high consumption of pasta and rice, the entry point of menopause averages a year and a half earlier. According to Leeds statistics, different, basically conventional diets have a significant impact on the individual onset of menopause. And who thinks time really wouldn't matter is wrong.

Whenever you use it, you go through menopause.



Menopause Tips
This is how you go through menopause

During menopause, the female body changes. Women can take good care of themselves during this procedure by ensuring a balanced diet. So they absorb all the important vitamins and minerals to support your body. We show what women need to consider.

Positive effects of late menopause

Earlier research has shown that early menopause increases the risk, for example, of heart disease and osteoporosis. Late menopause in turn can increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, but to a much lesser extent. In any case, the benefits of late menopause clearly outweigh the benefits of prolonged production of the hormone estrogen, which has been shown to have positive effects on heart, brain and bone health. It also benefits the sex life of old age.

How exactly the beneficial effects of fish and vegetable-based diet delays come about needs further investigation. Omega-3s and antioxidants are likely to play a key role here. However, it seems to be true that women with their diet have an effective means of controlling even the onset of menopause.

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