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Replace the vanilla extract in the recipe

Vanilla extract is a staple food in most cuisines. The bakers rely on sweet elixir to make cakes, cookies and more. What can you do if you bake a cake and find that you no longer have vanilla? Is there a substitute for vanilla extract in a recipe? The answer is a hearty "yes", but with caution.

Replace the vanilla extract in the recipe 2


Replace the vanilla extract in the recipe 3

Vanilla offers a simplicity and purity of taste that no other extracts have. You can turn on other cabinet staples. Consider the dish you are baking. Ask yourself if the spare part works with the other components. For example, if you are baking a lemon cake, the almond extract is a suitable substitute. It's not as neutral as vanilla, and the taste will be a little different, but the substitution will succeed. On the other hand, the taste of Grand Marnier is very competitive for chocolate cookies.


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Unlike vanilla and Fiori di Sicilia, all substitutions change the recipe and the finished product. Sufficient substitutes for vanilla extract include maple syrup, vanilla bean and brandy. Another interesting substitute is Fiori di Sicilia, which means "essence of the flower of Sicily". Fiori di Sicilia is neutral and has no alcohol. Cooks often use Fiori di Sicilia as a substitute for vanilla.


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Replacement maple syrup for vanilla extract. Use the same amount of maple syrup as the vanilla extract. If using vanilla, scrape half the vanilla for each spoonful of vanilla extract. When replacing alcoholic beverages such as brandy or liqueur, make sure that the flavor of the substitute does not compete with the other ingredients in the recipe. Do not use more alcohol than you would a vanilla extract. Think about keeping the Fiori di Sicilia in your closet. Use it to replace vanilla in every recipe. Fiori di Sicilia offers a taste of vanilla ice cream and orange sorbet. Use about 1/2 teaspoon. in a recipe.