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Skin Care: Bio-hyaluronic acid series for only 21.90 instead of 34.97 euros

Buying Business With FOCUS Online: Sustainable and Effective Beauty Care: Bio-Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Only 21.90 Instead of 34.97 Euros

Monday, 11 November 2019, 12:39

Finally, give your skin the moisture and resilience it deserves. Satin Naturel offers you a high quality, effective and natural organic hyaluronic acid concentrate made in Germany. Highly concentrated serum is available at FOCUS Online Shopping Deal for only 21.90 instead of 34.97 Euros.


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The highest organic quality for you and your beauty

Over the years, the active ingredient in our skin has gradually declined. The result: elasticity decreases, becomes more dense, and wrinkles become wrinkles. Those who do not wish to accept the signs of the times without singing and sound simply return the skin to Hyaluron. The active ingredient hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing cream that reduces mimic and dry wrinkles and strengthens skin and hair.

Satin Naturel Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate combines intense hydration with a fourfold anti-aging complex, giving your skin a chance to recover from the signs of aging. The development of hyaluronic acid concentrate is based on the findings of scientific studies that have confirmed the effectiveness of the ingredients used.

The four-fold anti-aging complex combines low, medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids with acetyl-glucosamine. Although highly concentrated, various molecular hyaluronic acids give the skin a radiantly beautiful, youthful appearance, refining our Bio Aloe Vera concentrate, Organic Rose Water and Spirulina, Damascus Rose and Rosemary extracts to offer a perfectly rounded nursing experience.

To optimally preserve these nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients, only special purple glass bottles are used whose light-protective properties extend the product's efficiency and shelf life.

Organic hyaluronic acid serum at a glance

It's so easy to use a bestseller

Hyaluron Serum is perfect for morning skin care. Simply apply a portion of pea-sized serum to clean skin and gently press it into the skin. In a few minutes you can look forward to a refreshed, younger complexion.

Serum is suitable for every skin type. It can be applied to dry and itchy skin, acne, brittle hair, brittle nails, stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or cellulitis. The serum is also suitable for use in hair.

Due to the fact that argan oil comes only from certified organic farming, it is a natural cosmetics without perfume.

Make sure you get the desired serum at the FOCUS store online for the absolute best price only 21.90 instead of 34.97 euros including shipping costs!

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