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Thoughtful: Clinical entrepreneur Ludwig Klitsch is expanding in the digital business

Frankfurt 41-year-old Ludwig Klitzsch has founded the Ideamed medium-sized health group from twelve clinics in Tegernsee. Now the entrepreneur is expanding its involvement in the digital healthcare market and is buying Berlin-based start-up coach Viveli. Founded in 2014 by Daniel Kollmann, the company offers video conferencing and coaching. A service used by more and more companies.

"We have been providing psychotherapy and coaching services for many years, and two years ago we became involved with corporate clients. For now, we offer personal training," says Ideamed owner and CEO Ludwig Klitzsch. "By purchasing Vivelia, we can now expand our online offering. reach out to new customer groups and expand our services. "

Ideamedu would take a long time to build such a digital platform on its own, says the entrepreneur. Vivelia will be part of Ideamed starting January 1 next year. There was silence on the purchase price.

Ideamed GmbH in Bavaria, with its various inpatient and outpatient facilities, focuses on psychosomatic disorders. In addition to the three clinics, this includes eight medical care centers.
Klitzsch runs a company founded by his grandmother since 2007 in the third generation with his wife, Ursula, whom he met at the Business Administration Studies in Sankt Gallen. Klitzsch gained experience in the hospital market at Mediclin, Wittgensteiner Kliniken and Helios.

The Klitzsch couple has consistently expanded their own clinical group with outpatient and semi-residential care and established their own academy offering state-recognized psychotherapy training and further education. The Academy accepts 130 candidates each year.

The training offers are housed in the Ideamed Group, under the roof of the Munich Academy, where Viveli's management will gather in the future. Workers in the Berlin company will be offered further employment there. According to founder Daniel Kollmann, Vivelia currently employs 35 staff members as well as external coaches and therapists.

Participation in doctolib

In 2014, Daniel Kollmann entered the new field with Vivelia in the German health market. He has now founded the 37-year-old: in 2010 he raised a company with a baptist friend Massivkonzept with a school friend. Custom-made online furniture retailer quickly became a success story, and in 2013 the founders sold the company for more than € 20 million to US trading platform Fab.

Kollmann will initially monitor the integration of the Vivelia platform into the Ideamed Group and then act as an advisor. "The offer was good and it arrived for the company at the right time," Kollmann explains of the sale. As part of the Ideamed Group, Vivelia can now grow sustainably and benefit from its know-how.

For Ideamed, buying Vivelia is not the first step in the digital healthcare space. After testing patient management software and appointments offered by Doctolib, Ideamed joined the French start-up in 2016 as an investor.

"In recent years, more and more health care services have been offered on an outpatient basis. In the next few years, it will become more digital. we company can use digital technology, ”says Klitzsch. Particularly in the field of psychotherapy, there is a great willingness on the part of patients to accept even digitally supported offers.

Ideamed has expanded significantly in recent years. According to Klitzsch, the Group intends to sell € 48 million this year with about 1,200 employees. When he took over the helm in 2007, it was nine million euros.

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