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WW presents meinWW: The new forward-looking program is as individual and flexible as ever

Dusseldorf (ots) – For the first time, a nutritional questionnaire pinpoints the plan that best suits the participant – the meinWW program offers three scientifically sound options and facilitates weight loss.

Today WW (NASDAQ: WW) – Weight Watchers® re-invents – launches new meinWW program, the most personal weight loss program ever. Based on scientific and behavioral insights, and with flexibility and freedom than ever, myWW makes weight loss even easier. The nutrition questionnaire takes into account personal needs, eating habits and activity levels, as well as lifestyle and behavior. Based on these answers, one of the three plans that best fits the respondent is recommended, leading to clinically significant weight loss and reduced weight. (1)

WW understands that everyone has their own ideas, needs and eating habits when it comes to losing weight. What works well for one may be less appropriate for the other. New participants will be focused on the plan that best suits them based on a scientifically based personal assessment.

"As a global wellness company and the world's leading commercial provider of active weight and physical health management, we encourage healthy living habits – and they all have different needs," said Mindy Grossman, President and CEO of WW. "We know the needs of our community and we know that our participants are looking for an even more personalized approach to weight loss, and our new meinWW program helps find the right concept of weight loss."

The new meinWW program includes three options based on the scientifically proven SmartPoints® and ZeroPoint ™ foods that promote healthy eating habits. (2)

Regardless of the plan – with meinWW all your favorite foods can still be consumed.

Three plans at a glance

Green: over 100 ZeroPoint foods, but most everyday SmartPoints (at least 30)

Blue: With over 200 ZeroPoint foods and at least 23 daily SmartPoints. Existing WWII participants know this plan, known as the current WW Freestyle (TM) program.

Purple: over 300 ZeroPoint foods, but at least a few daily SmartPoints (at least 16) Each plan also offers custom recipes and content, activity recommendations and mental skills that are scientifically correct and easy to implement.

"It has been scientifically proven that tailored approaches lead to greater engagement and behavior change than conventional approaches," says Sc. Gary Foster, Chief Scientific Officer of WW. "The new myWW program allows people to live their lives and continue to lose weight, with everyone finding my plan that suits them best and giving them the most freedom and flexibility, which will increase their confidence in themselves."

The results of a six-month clinical study of the meinWW program conducted at the Center for Weight Management at the University of South Carolina show that, on average, participants benefit from clinically significant benefits from and after admission.

– 8% weight loss
– Systolic blood pressure drop of 2%
– 24% less hungry
– 7% less craving; including the clear
Reducing the craving for high fat foods,
Sweets and fast food. When asked how they experienced the program:

– 97% of participants agreed that myWW was helping them
learn healthier habits long term.
– 94% of participants agreed that myWW knew them
mediates for weight maintenance.
– 90% of participants agreed that they liked mine
Lifestyle and less like a diet. – 96% of participants agreed that my WWW was flexible because
no food is taboo.
– 90% of participants agreed that it would be easier with my WW
is to stay on the ball, as if they tried on their own
– 88% of participants agreed that my WW was simpler
It offers a way of losing weight, as if they had tried it themselves
reduce. With decades of expertise in behavioral knowledge, WW inspires millions of people around the world to adopt healthy real-life habits. Health experts have recognized the world’s top rankings by the world-renowned World Health Award. News and World Report ranked first in the Best Weight Loss Diet category. The award-winning WW app and personal experience in WW Studios workshops provide the tools, information and inspiration people need to reach their goals.

The meinWW program is available from November 11, 2019. Further information on meinWW can be found at or after downloading WW WW.

(1) A six-month preliminary study involving 143 participants
Patrick O & # 39; Neil, PhD & Fellow at Center for Weight Management
South Carolina Medical University. Study funded by WW.

(2) WW SmartPoints takes complex nutrition data into account
and merges them into a simple, easy to understand number.
ZeroPoint ™ food does not need to be weighed, measured or measured
be written down and form the basis for being healthy
A diet with a low risk of overeating. Press contact:

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corporate communications
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Tel 0211 / 9686-0

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