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Creative activities have a positive effect on our health: therefore singing and …

Creative work can improve our health, according to a recent WHO report. Music therapy, painting, crafts and other artistic activities can complement medical treatments and help maintain life and mind in the body. WHO experts have come to this conclusion after evaluating more than 900 published studies on the subject.

Creative activities promote concentration

From childhood, creative activities have a positive effect on us. Infants sleep longer if parents read aloud before bed. Its concentration in kindergarten and school is increasing as well. Singing increases attention and also stimulates concentration. Patients with dementia or Alzheimer's may benefit from music therapy. Through activities such as handheld photography or painting, the stress of everyday life is reduced or even completely reduced. Creative workshops also help improve social skills such as teamwork. Patients with cancer, diabetes, various neurological disorders as well as mental disorders were particularly favorably affected by concurrent creative activity therapy. But creative hobbies can also contribute to preventing depression.

Creative activities keep the brain fit in old age

The World Health Organization has grouped creative professions into several categories. The following leisure activities keep our brains fit with age: craft, painting, or photography. Dancing and singing ensure a good mood and encourage concentration. Free activities such as organized visits to museums, exhibitions, opera and theater shows promote collaboration and social engagement. Art can also bring different age groups together in the community. They enhance the social integration and self-esteem of critically ill patients.

Creative professions can help patients with Alzheimer's disease

More information can be found in the WHO report