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"Do not forget me"

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler.
Recently, many visitors came to the Protestant Parish Hall in Bad Neuenahr for the movie "Don't Forget Me" and with David Sieveking. The screening of the film was initiated by AG Dementia, a sub-group of the Ahrweiler County Care Conference, organized by Compass-Private Nursing Counseling, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler Nursing Homes, Remagen-Sinzig, Bad Breisig-Brohltal, Marienhaus Senior Center. Josef Bad Breisig and Hospital Ahrweiler Evangelical Church Support Association. Thanks for the financial support of Compass and Förderverein der Dr.-Ing. von Ehrenwall Ahrweiler Clinic.

The film shows that 73-year-old Gretel Sieveking suffers from Alzheimer's disease and is cared for and cared for by her family. Free and Joyful Life Gretel is shown again and again in photographs, and then her current situation, manifested through drowsiness, forgetfulness, difficulty in orientation, and later through disorders in word retrieval. And then, over and over again, glittering and happy moments come, so that the movie doesn't make you sad, but thoughtful. "Gretel always kept things brief," says her husband, Malta Sieveking.

How does the movie deal with the disease? What are your values? Her patience, her efforts to initiate, inspire, remember and believe, are especially demonstrated by son David. Also, the attempt to bring a retiree home is reversed. She will stay in her familiar surroundings with Malta, husband, children and grandchildren with the help of a 24-hour family-friendly force. "The mother I knew before no longer exists"; says daughter Anne. The family recounts that she became close through Alzheimer's mother and wife.

The film kindly summarizes that dealing with Gretel Sieveking, who suffers from Alzheimer's, is exhausting but also very stressful. After the screening, visitors had the opportunity to exchange their experiences, impressions and feelings in a relaxed atmosphere.