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Do you know if the nail polish is bad?

While bacteria can pass on to other cosmetic products, many hold The solvents included in most nail polish brands basically go from bad As beauty chemists at The Brains Beauty show, not much can develop into an "ethyl acetate cocktail". Years will usually not have a huge payoff for a properly stored nail polish bottle.

Do you know if the nail polish is bad? 2

credit: AndreaAstes / iStock / GettyImages How to know if the nail polish went bad

But what the years can do is dry your varnishes. Varnish solvents are a powerful preservative, but they are too much prone to evaporation, that causes a dry, crisp, not very useful nail polish. Doug Schoon of Schoon Scientific – a cosmetics regulator – says in a conversation with Beautylish that properly stored bottles will not dry for 18 to 24 months. However, many users have significantly lengthened their nail polish and Essie Cosmetics Essie Weingarten says in the same source: "Your nail polish should last forever as long as you keep it right".

To keep your varnish as wet as possible, immediately after using the lid replace and hold the lid. As heat and sunlight can dry out or even change color, always store your products in a cool, dry place , If you have a bottle, you are particularly keen to stay fresh, refrigerate it to maximize its service life.


Non-toxic nail polishes tend to have chemical components such as toluene, dibutylphthalate, and formaldehyde and some replace acetate with water. Because non-toxic ingredients are very different, storage solutions and shelf life vary by product. Always consult and follow the manufacturer's best practice guidelines.

Instead of focusing on his exact age, take a look at the texture of the product to determine the availability of your nail polishes. The reddish composition indicates that the components begin to separate and are difficult to mix.

If your lacquer is a bit dry or just feels thicker than usual, there is still hope – adding a few drops of nail polish so that it can be anything you need to bring it back to life. If you do not have a thinner manual, the nail polish can also do the trick. Since the removal is much stronger than the thinner, use it sparingly. often just one drop is enough. Once added to the thinner or subtracted, reconnect the lid and give the bottle a good shake before applying.