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GNTM contestant Elena Carrière: Talk about acting and beauty tips

Elena Carrière has become known for "Germany's Next Top Model," but besides modeling, an actress is on the way. But what does she really like more? Beauty recently answered this question on "Your Beauty Professional Network" and said, "I can't define it exactly, it always depends on the specific job, but of course acting is more interactive, it challenges me and it trains me to remember at the same time." In addition, Elena also spoke on the topic of beauty and reported that she had virtually no more problems with her skin thanks to her vegan diet and conscious handling of her body. "Nuts and skin screws are a healthy, pollution-free diet; tea and some sun – and if so, then with enough sunscreen. These three factors, if given full attention, are a very good basis for flawless skin, ”the 23-year-old revealed. Well, that sounds actually easier than you might think, or?

Most will probably know Elena Carrière from "Germany's Next Top Model," but now she's established herself as a model and actress. She has now discovered which of the two jobs she prefers, and has also provided some of her beauty tips. Feeding yourself is also part of it! More details can be obtained here.

What exhilarates ex-GNTM candidate Elena Carrière: modeling or acting?

The Beauty Professional Network answered this question and was answered by a beauty. Although most of them are probably her GNTM participation And she's in the fold Papas actor Mathieu Carrière to go. The 23-year-old does not want to fully commit to her answer, but there seems to be a tendency: "You can't define it exactly. It always depends on the specific job. But of course acting is more interactive, it challenges me and it trains the memory at the same time." That sounds like a clear lead for acting. A few days ago, Elena answered a question from fans about modeling on Instagram. The user wanted to know why the former GNTM Second would recommend everyone to become a model. In response were, among other things, these clear words: "Because it's a thankless, edgy, and unfair job where women (and men) are sold and judged for their purest appearance."

For Elena Carrière, beauty comes largely from within

Also a good report for everyone, have skin problems, delivered by the 23-year-old now in an interview. Make no secret of yourself veganthat is, without animal products and very consciously fed on as little processed food as possible. Since changing her diet, she has virtually no problems with her skin, betrayed Elena Carrière: "Skin nuts and bolts are a healthy, pollution-free diet. Drink plenty of water or tea and some sun – and if so, then just enough sunscreen. Taking full account of these three factors makes it a very good base for flawless skin." It may seem so simple!

★ On her 23rd birthday, Elena Carrière organized her own birthday for the first time! How cute the excited model was, you can see in the video below!