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Hair event organization – 2019

Trendy bobs, wild Iroquois and gothic and punk cuts are the hairstyles one would encounter in a show hair. Hairdressers often perform hair presentations to present their products, cutting methods and know-how to the public, and sometimes offer free style sessions. Hair reports can also provide a basic training on how to care for different hair types in addition to new hair trends. A successful haircut requires preparation, promotion and the right place.

Hair event organization - 2019 2

Hair presentations can introduce the public to modern styles.

Step 1

Determine the theme and purpose of your hair look. Some hair impressions are limited to displaying hairstyles on live models. Other events include skill demonstration courses, Barber skills workshops, styling competitions, professional speakers, free styling sessions and hair product benches.

Step 2

Write an action plan that outlines all the work that needs to be done before the show. These tasks include budgeting, finding sponsors, securing speakers and customizing hairstyles.

Step 3

Create a budget for the hairshow event. In order to save money, you need to invite other salons to co-organize the event and contribute to the cost. Budget data includes the cost of hiring models and professional speakers, installation costs and food and beverages. The price of participation and the products offered are determined by your overall budget, as these are two of your biggest generations of revenue.

Step 4

Create sponsorship packages. To win corporate sponsors for your event, you need two or three sponsorship packages with clearly defined benefits. For example, you can book a Five Star Sponsor Package for any organization that contributes $ 15,000 or more, with benefits such as premium corporate advertising, stage presentation, company name and logo in all Hairshow marketing articles and VIP Tickets for the event.

Step 5

Visit potential places in your community. Hair presentations are often performed in venues such as conference centers and hotel rooms.

Step 6

Post your event. Create a website and social media page to generate online interest in hair. Make colored brochures for the event and distribute them to local malls and salons. Advertise in fashion and hair care magazines.

Step 7

Hair styling and professional speaker bookbinding for the event. Choose models of different ethnicities with different hair lengths and textures to maximize the different styles you can see in the show. If your show includes competitions, you should also hire judges for the post.

Step 8

Fill in the sequence of events and confirm that all speakers, sponsors and suppliers are involved.

Step 9

Print the official Show Guide, which includes paid advertising and space photos. Send the official guide to all sponsors, speakers and vendors.