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Happy relationship: the perfect age difference

How important is the age difference in a relationship?

Is there such a thing? Does age really matter enough to happily lead a relationship? Indeed, the minds are divided. Some people believe that the age gap should not be too long, because of their own life experience it also creates different opinions. Which is perfectly reasonable – but from a certain age difference, could this lead to controversy and perhaps a relationship? Does love know an age or not? Scientists from the US want to find the perfect age difference for a happy and above all great relationship …

According to the researchers: This is the ideal age difference

The American study at "Emory University" in Atlanta, Georgia, she wants to find out that there is really a perfect age gap that ensures that you can have a long and happy relationship – establishing a healthy relationship. A difference of only one year old! This number ensures that the couple understand each other better and that they will eventually share their life with this person until the end of their lives. The risk of separating couples who are only one year old is only 3%! Crazy!

Does love know an age?

According to the scientist already. But what is it like when a couple has a big age difference – for example, 20 years? Again, researchers have a theory: The bigger the age difference, the more likely it is that the relationship will not last long. Because only 5% of all older couples marry and then live together happily with each other. More than 3000 couples were asked and many are sure this age already plays a role.

We think we should not be too firm on these results. A study should not affect your relationship. There are various influences that can affect the relationship either negatively or positively. Of course, one of them could be old age, but it doesn't have to be! It is much more important to be at eye level with your partner, have fun with him and trust each other. This is what counts in a happy relationship!