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Massage cushion presented by the voice of Seiyuu Yuuki Kaji

Seiyuu Yuuki Kaji had already given his voice for things his fans did not expect. So clever the mirror and the pusher already sounded like the voice of an actor. Now the voice has lent itself to a new massage pillow.

The cushion is equipped with speakers that reproduce parts of Kai's radio show "Kaji Yuuki no Hitorigoto" (Yuuki Kaji's monologue). Among other things, Seiyuu fans can listen to a short story about "Bocchi-kun," a character Kaji himself created.

Seiyuu helps fans to relax

The pillow was created as a collaboration between the internet show and the manufacturer of massage pillow Lourdes. Kaji himself once said that his performance should be a calming and relaxing experience for the audience. So the connection to the pillow is of course perfect.

Seiyuu invites the audience to close their eyes, empty their heads and just listen. So they were able to immerse themselves perfectly in the world of "Bocchi-kun." This, along with a small massage, would make for an extremely relaxing overall experience.

Relax with Yuuki Kaji
Massage cushion with sound effects Picture: Atex

The massage pillow is officially available from last weekend and costs 14,000 yen (116.30 euros). It is only produced in a limited number, so only 2500 fans can enjoy such an exclusive massage. Delivery should be made from mid-December. Orders are now available through the Atex online store.

Yuuki Kaji is best known for his role as Eren in Attack on Titan. In addition, Seiyuu also lent his voice to Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins and Todoroki from My Hero Academia. In 2009, he was awarded the industry's "best novice" award. In 2013 and 2014, he was awarded the "Best Voice Transmission" award for two consecutive years.