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"Men with makeup? I LOVE it!": Heidi Klum taunts Hamburg manager

Blond Poison Greetings: GNTM Producer Heidi Klum Blows Against Barbara Schöneberger! The model mom falls into the thunderstorm against the presenter – and now she also teases in the debate about men's makeup.

Background: Barbara Schöneberger has received a lot of criticism recently for her request that men should not make up. "Men are men. Men should somehow remain men," she posted on her Instagram page, Barbara.

Makeup: Thunderstorm against moderator Barbara Schöneberger

The blonde presenter also hit a nerve, but not as expected. Many users objected to Barbara Schöneberger and even accused her of discrimination. Meanwhile, there are over 30,000 comments below the video – and most commentators criticize Barbara Schöneberger.

"I read your comments in my post – not all 30,000, but enough. There was really everything there: from the comparison with Donald Trump to the outdated role picture to the homophobic," says Schöneberger visibly shocked.

Barbara Schöneberger justifies her criticism

The moderator made it clear: "To put it the wrong way: I didn't mean guys who make up regularly, who are colorful, who want to express their individuality."

She spoke a little more about those "who I cared about and who actually were – don't take me for impurity – not made up."

Fashion model Heidi Klum is ridiculed by Barbara Schöneberger

For GNTM maker Heidi Klum, the matter is not over yet. A few days ago, she posted a video – including Hamburg's drag queen Olivia Jones – to a colleague from a presentation by Barabari Schöneberger.

"What an honor, Olivia Jones is in the House !!!!," Heidi Klum comments on her contribution. “For 30 years, we have been fighting prejudice and homophobia! Unfortunately, the fight is not over – there are still people who have problems with being different. “Who does Heidi Klum think?” Not me! Men with make-up? I LOVE YOU! Live and let live! "She announces.

Heidi Klum attacks Barabara Schöneberger – out of revenge?

The attack by Heidi Klum is another chapter in a dispute with Barbara Schöneberger. The presenter has in the past barely missed an opportunity to screw up the former top model – especially as far as her relationship with Tom Kaulitz is concerned.

Heidi Klum attacks moderator Barbara Schöneberger (icon).

Heidi Klum attacks moderator Barbara Schöneberger (icon).

"I think it is easier for women as a whole to know how old they are. And also to suspect, for example, that it is difficult to be with someone who is 28 when you are 44," Barbara Schöneberger answered last year when asked if she wanted to be 20 again. For information: At the time, Heidi Klum was only 44 years old, new spouse Tom Kaulitz 28.

Barbara Schöneberger has received a lot of criticism

That Barbara Schöneberger could not only lend a hand but also join in, the blonde presenter also had to prove after the NDR Talk Show. Some fans did not consider their relationship with Robert Enke's widow adequate. (Vehicle)

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