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Menopause Test: Am I already menopausal?

Menopause means a cut on many women. If you already have symptoms of menopause, you can find out through our testing.

One thing is clear: Every woman has to go through menopause. Usually the hormonal change of the organism begins around the age of 50. However, it is also possible for menopause to start much sooner or much later. Menopause does not start overnight but is a creeping process. The first sign of the onset of menopause may be a change in the menstrual cycle. However, it may be several years before the onset of menopause, or the last menstrual bleeding.

The course of menopause

History of hormone levels


Menopause usually starts at the age of 50. Even before that, your body produces less progesterone and estrogen, while the FSH hormone grows.

A quick short check: Am I menopausal?

If you are not sure if you are already menopausal, you can use our quick self-test to find out how likely it is that you have triggered a hormonal switch.

The test is not a substitute for a doctor's visit

Of course, the result only serves as a rough first assessment and the test cannot replace a doctor's visit. If you want to know exactly what your hormonal balance looks like and if you have serious symptoms, it is crucial that you discuss this with your attending gynecologist. Because whether you go for menopause or not, medicine can help you treat health problems and increase the quality of your life.


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