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Rock Crystal Scooter: Buy a tool for the beauty of beautiful skin

Beauty tool that wrinkles easily drains – sounds too good to be true? LediBelle and Rosenthal crystal scooters can do just that! It helps with swollen eyes, lymphatic drainage and can tighten the cheeks and neck area.

What is a beauty roller?

The tool comes from Asia, to be more precise, it has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, or in short TCM. In the original, the scooters were made of jade or quartz. The term jade scooter is used synonymously for both mineral stones. The scooters look like small paint rollers with two rollers – one big and one small. The first is intended for massaging straight parts of the face, for example the forehead or cheeks, and the second more for delicate skin, for example around the eyes.

Limited stone crystal scooter

Swiss pure beauty brand LediBelle and German healing stone expert Rosental have jointly developed an efficient stone crystal scooter, which convinced us all along the line. To date, the stone crystal is considered one of the most important healing stones in the world. Thanks to his strong and energetic charisma It gives our tired, pale skin again a nice healthy glow. Roller massage also tightens the skin on the cheeks and neck while relieving stress.

Just want to smooth your skin smoothly? Do 30.11. If you buy a Rosental scooter in collaboration with LediBelle, you get a face mask with effective Appenzell goat whey worth € 13 for free!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Jade Scooter from Rosental and LediBelle

  1. Jade roller massage stimulates microcirculation in the skin – it looks firmer and firmer.
  2. Moving motion activates the lymph flow – the swelling stops and the toxins are removed.
  3. Through massage, nutrients can penetrate the skin better and deeper – it is intensely nourished.

Facial massage along with Jade Rosental and LediBelle: That's how it works

First, thoroughly clean your face and dry it. Then apply as usual skin care products. Now the jade roller is used: Always roll from the middle to the outside – for example, from your nose to your ears – or from the bottom up. Depending on your taste, you can repeat this as often as you like.

Beauty Trickbox tip: Always keep the jade scooter in the refrigerator, and the massage will be best in the morning. The cold causes the swelling to decrease more quickly.