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So you get rid of them as fast as they come

Pimples affect our lives more than we think. According to a study by Neutrogena, 40% of Britons and Britons admit Pimples and acne prevent them from doing their daily habits, We would sign it immediately. Crude in front of the door? The few go.

"There are various degrees of acne – from whiteheads and pimples until nodule and Zysth "explains Lesley Reynolds, co-founder of Harley Street Dermatology Clinic in London. So what can you really do to successfully fight the pimple? Here you can find everything you need for it four different types of pimples they also know how to get rid of them.

1. Open the comedone (blackhead)

blackheadthe easy one black colour can see, it is difficult to get rid of. Lesley explains: "Black spots appear when a pore is blocked and the sebum is oxidized on the surface to appear black. Although they are at the exit of the pimple, it may take a long time for them to disappear. The sebum forms a sticky "plug" on the pore, which makes a phrase almost impossible. Experts recommend using AHAs to loosen and remove pimples. We suggest you in this case Skin Manager AHA Effect Tonic from Alcina for about 9 euros. Provides smooth skin, improves pores and removes dead skin cells so sebum can be drained again. Moisturizes a cotton pad in the morning and evening and drives over the face. You will soon notice an improvement!

2. Closed comedones (whiteheads)

Unlike pimples Whiteheads on the surface of the skin and are relatively easy to handleWhen the pores are clogged, the oil produced by the skin is trapped inside dead skin cells inside. When the pores are full, you will see a small white hill on the surface of the skin. Fortunately, he is gentle Cleaning and exfoliation easy to handle and do not require much attention. The Two peels with acid fruit from Rau for about 18 euros helps the Whiteheads open and rebuild.

3. Papules

Unlike blackheads and whiteheads Papules burn acne lesions that appear red and irregular without a head, As tempting, it is recommended Never push a dot – its persistent nature may be one leave a bad scar, Try one processing point Drying with the Cream CORDES BPO for about 8 euros. The acne gel dries the pellets from the inside and has antibacterial action so that the acne bacteria can't spread further. The mild exfoliation effect makes today's pimple disappear. Apply acne gel only at certain points on the pimple as it dries the skin. We are excited and apply the acne gel to every major pimple and it disappears after a few days!

4. vesicles

Unlike white heads The vesicles are usually filled with pus and have inflammation. Lesley explains: "The vesicles are inflammatory red spots with a white or yellow center. These pimples can pop, but only if they are ready to pop. Open with a sterile needle, wrap a clean cloth around each index finger, and then gently squeeze it. "Better after a warm shower, as it is softer afterwards. When it starts to appear pure liquid or blood, it's time to stop the compression." The skin must be cleansed before it is compressed. Better, put something before and after the expression decontamination Rose water from Rosense for about 11 euros for the pimple that has been affected. That's how it stays Sterile and hygienic process.

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