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The best methods of cleaning 14ct gold

Gold has been valued for years for its finish and great sheen. Over time, exposure to soaps and oils from your skin can cause 14k gold to lose its shine. Gold is a very soft metal, so using abrasives on your jewelry can cause scratches and permanent damage. The best methods for purifying 14k gold are methods that require more blending than purification.

The best methods of cleaning 14ct gold 2

Gold with stones can be damaged by washing.


The proven method of purifying 14ct gold is to be absorbed in ammonia. Fill a jar about two inches and put the gold inside it so that it is completely under water. Place the jar in a well-ventilated but safe place. The more you let ammonia break down the chemicals and skin cells that are attached to your gold and lose its shine, the better. Ideally, give 12 to 15 hours. Remove your gold, rinse thoroughly and wash your hands.


Vinegar is another great, sure way to clear 14k gold. It is not as acidic as ammonia, so it will take much longer to purify your gold. It is safer to absorb gold indoors, where vapors can be a problem. Soak the gold in vinegar for 24 to 48 hours, gently polish with a napkin and rinse.

eyebrow brush

If you really need to remove dirt in your gold, use an eyebrow brush and a small amount of toothpaste is a sure way to avoid scratches. Place a small amount of toothpaste on the eyebrow brush and gently rotate the portion of gold you want to clean. Stay free of gems and other metals. When finished, wash the gold thoroughly to avoid drying and tinting the toothpaste.

dish soap

For occasional polishing and dirt removal, soak your gold overnight in a simple detergent and water solution. This is ideal for dirt on jewelry that is worn only occasionally or on objects such as necklaces and bracelets, which tend not to come into contact with as much dirt as the ring. Rinse the gold as soon as it is saturated and enjoy your new gold.