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These are the best Netflix thrillers!


This psychic thriller is definitely not for the faint of heart. in "Seven"In 1995, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman hunt down serial killer Kevin Spacey, obsessed with the seven deadly sins, who use pride, greed, envy, rage, lust, grief, and intelligence as role models for his killings. The crimes are sometimes so brutal and every murder so dark in its own way that you get goose bumps permanently. The movie is predictable in a minute and remains exciting to the end. To date, one of the most watched thrillers – and one of the best – of all time, keeping the momentum going from the first minute.

Berlin Syndrome

"Berlin Syndrome" is not a typical Hollywood production, but it can easily compete with its major competitors. The novel is about a young Australian photographer locked up after a night standing by a local in his Berlin apartment. What looks like a mistake at first turns out to be planned captivity after a few days. For all those who love emotion!

The Invitation – The Invitation

The thriller "The invitation" is a thriller from 2015 and incredibly charming. It's Will and Kira, a couple who are invited to dinner. She has not uploaded anything other than Will's ex-wife, who was suffering from the death of their son with severe depression. The invitation to dinner not only dissolved old wounds open, but ended completely out of control in the end. Above all, the film persuades us with its anxiety, which is almost like a horror movie. Director Karyn Kusama certainly convinced us with the psychological thriller.